Платформа для пре-агрегации Raisecom iTN8800 в сетях MPLS-IP/MPLS-TP IP-MPLS PE (Pre-Aggregation System)

The iTN8800 service aggregation device is optimized for multiservice adaption, aggregation and routing onto a Ethernet and IP/MPLS infrastructure. typically used for backhaul, FTTH, leased line services, mobile backhaul and wholesale business services such as aggregation on a carrier network. MEF CE2.0 Certified. Код:iTN8800 Категория:Телекоммуникационное оборудование

This medium size IP-MPLS PE router is used for many applications such, as backhaul FTTH, leased line services, mobile backhaul, and wholesale businesses utilizing aggregation devices on a carrier network. Raisecom offers cost effective IP-MPLS PE router to carriers, which fully supports all functionalities and IOP with multi-vendors in an existing core or aggregation network. The Raisecom PE router also offers  support of TDM PWE3 aiming to aggregate all the legacy TDM services on customer premises. It provides an alternative solution to provide all the IP-MPLS features and services for a campus network, private network or utility network, and more.

The iTN8800 features industry-leading switching capacity and port density in a compact 2RU form factor. It supports up to 12x10GbE, 40xGbE, 96xE1 ports with dual control and dual power modules. The iTN8800 provides a comprehensive and scalable feature set of Layer 2 VPN (L2VPN), Layer 3 VPN (L3VPN) and PWE3 services with routing technologies, MPLS technologies, TDMoP technologies and clock synchronization technologies optimized for service providers. The iTN8800 also supports both MPLS-TP and IP MPLS stacks, provides comprehensive end-to-end OAM/SLA/Protection features.

Характеристики Платформы для пре-агрегации Raisecom iTN8800 в сетях MPLS-IP:

• Firm and reliable network assurance with redundant power supplies, NMS cards
• OSPF, ISIS and BGP route protocol
• Global/interface LLDP
• Global/interface RSVP-TE
• Dynamic ARP learn function
• Global/interface LDP
• L2 and L3 SLA
• L3 VPN QoS

System and Sub-cards Pre-Aggregation System Raisecom iTN8800 MPLS-IP:

• iTN8800-II-DC, iTN8800-II chassis (includes fan & power module)
• iTN8800-II-NXU, iTN8800-II management & control module
• iTN8800-RG8, iTN8800 8 x GE module
• iTN8800-RX2, iTN8800 2 x 10GE module
• iTN8800-RE16, iTN8800 16 x E1(CES-E1) module
• iTN8800-RS4, iTN8800 4 x STM-1 or 1 x STM-4 CES sub card, up to 252 PW tunnels
• iTN8800-TAU, iTN8800 1588v2 clock card
• iTN201-4GF-R, 4 x GE line interfaces, 6 x GE SFP, client interfaces/12 x GE TSFP, client interfaces
• iTN201-4GE-R, 4 x GE RJ45 interface,1000BaseT/100Base-T



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Платформа для пре-агрегации Raisecom iTN8800 в сетях MPLS-IP/MPLS-TP IP-MPLS PE (Pre-Aggregation System)

Платформа для пре-агрегации Raisecom iTN8800 в сетях MPLS-IP/MPLS-TP IP-MPLS PE (Pre-Aggregation System)

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