Управляемый коммутатор Raisecom ISCOM2600 Series L2 Full Gigabit Access Switch

«Устройства серии ISCOM2600G представляют собой гигабитные коммутаторы доступа в безвентиляторном исполнении, которые, в зависимости от модели, оснащены: 8/24/48xGE медными клиентскими интерфейсами (RJ45) и оптическми аплинками 4хGE SFP/4x10G SFP+.
Линейка устройств обладает широким функционалом, надежностью, отличается высокой пропускной способностью и может в полной мере удовлетворить требования любой сложности современных сетей доступа»
Код:ISCOM2600 Series Категория:Телекоммуникационное оборудование

One of the newest additions to Raisecom’s Carrier Ethernet product line is the ISCOM2600G, a Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch with full Gigabit interfaces.

The ISCOM2600G series includes several model options such as the ISCOM2608G-2GE (8GE + 2 Combo SFP/electrical interfaces), ISCOM2624G-4GE (24GE + 4 GE Combo SFP/electrical interfaces), ISCOM2648G-4C (48GE + 4 x 10G SFP+ interfaces), and ISCOM2648G-4GF (48GE + 4 x GE SFP interfaces).

With various interfaces, the ISCOM2600G provides users with many deployment choices that would fit service provider’s network. The ISCOM2600G, with advanced switching structure, also supports static route and seamless connection with Layer 3 routing devices. With flexible networking modes, high reliability, easy maintenance, individualized QoS, various security guarantees, and advanced system management, the ISCOM2600G can fully meet the requirements of all network carriers.

The series is highly applicable for networking needs for enterprises, campuses, residences, and CDN.

Характеристики Управляемых коммутаторов Raisecom ISCOM2600 Series:

• High capacity, high density
• High reliability and protection
• STP, RSTP, MSTP, and multi-RSTP
• ITU-T G.8032 with fault switching time less than 50ms
• Dual-system and dual-configuration-file redundancy backup
• IEEE 802.1x ACL based on interface and MAC modes and support various AAA mode such as RADIUS, TACACS+
• Port secure MAC and limits on the MAC addresses to stop attacks from illegal users
• Various ACL policies to control packet forwarding flexibly
• DHCPv4/v6 Snooping and Option 82/18/37 to avoid DHCP attacks
• DAI and IP Source Guard based on the DHCP binding table to prevent ARP flooding attacks and IP attacks
• Broadcast storm and loop detection to ensure the stability of the network
• Lightning protection for the power supply and all the Ethernet electric interfaces and protect hardware investment of the customer
• Fine tunable QoS with rich scheduling policy such as SP, WRR, or SP + WRR, DRR, or SP+DRR
• Dual-bucket three-color CAR based on the traffic and H-CAR
• Statistics based on traffic
• IPv6 Ready
• IPv6 ACL, DHCPv6 Snooping, RA Snooping and Option18/37 to ensure the network security
• MLD Snooping to ensure the IPv6 multicast monitoring
• Full suite OAM & SLA
• Point-to-point IEEE802.3ah link monitoring
• End-to-end hardware IEEE802.1ag to implement 3.3ms CC monitoring
• Rich SLA, Y.1731 and support monitoring the network performance of the L2/L3 data flow
• Advanced management system
• SNMP, RMON, Telnet, SSH and provide friendly WEB management interface to increase the usability of the device
• Automatic configuration and loading. The administrator can put the configuration file set in advance to the TFTP server for the automatic loading of the switch while it is booting, thus simplifying the management and maintenance


Device ISCOM2608G-2GE ISCOM2624G-4GE ISCOM2624G-4C ISCOM2648G-4GF ISCOM2648G-4C
Port type Uplink: 2 x GE Combo

Downlink: 8 x GE RJ45

Uplink: 2 x GE Combo

Downlink: 24 x GE RJ45

Uplink: 4 x 10G SFP+

Downlink: 24 x GE RJ45

Uplink: 4 x GE SFP

Downlink: 48 x GE RJ45

Uplink: 4 x 10G SFP+

Downlink: 48 x GE RJ45

Management interface 1 SNMP interface, 1 Console interface, 1 out-of-band interface
Switching capacity 20Gbit/s 56Gbit/s 128Gbit/s 104Gbit/s 176Gbit/s
Packets switch rate 14.88Mpps 41.66Mpps 95.23Mpps 77.38Mpps 130.94Mpps
Dimensions 320(L) ? 200(W) ? 43.6(H) mm3 440(L) ? 220(W) ? 43.6(H) mm3 440(L) ? 300(W) ? 43.6(H) mm3
Weight 2.2kg < 2.6kg < 4.3kg
Power consumption < 20W < 25W < 45W
Voltage range 100–240 VAC, -32 to -72 VDC
Hardware •Single power, fan-free (except the device with 48 interfaces)
•Working temperature: 0–50°C
•Relevant humidity: 10%–90% RH (non-condensing)
•Lightning protection level (service interface/ power interface): 6 kV in common mode
•Single power
•Working temperature: 0–50°C
•Relevant humidity: 10%–90% RH (non-condensing)
•2 kV in common mode


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